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Enhancing acoustics at music chapel with ShowTex drapes
Enhancing acoustics at music chapel with ShowTex drapes

Enhancing acoustics at music chapel

Ghent, Belgium
январь 2024

Did you know that room acoustics don't have to be fixed? The Kapel Petit music chapel proves they can be flexible too. Opening or closing the tailored curtains creates a totally different setting and allows for just the right amount of sound absorption.

Custom acoustic curtains: a flexible solution

The magic of unamplified music really shows in this reimagined chapel, where tailored acoustic curtains revolutionize sound control. All without compromising the visual elegance of the venue.

As the chapel’s organic shape caused unwanted reverberation, this acoustic challenge needed to be tackled. Thanks to Blackout drapes all around the hall, artists now have the possibility to adjust the venue’s acoustics to their own preference. Whether embracing rich reverberation or seeking a more focused sonic atmosphere, the curtains fit every auditory need. Even when the drapes are open, the sound is audibly better than before. But the flame-retardant fabric still allows for a good amount of reverberation, which is ideal for unamplified music concerts.

Crafted from double-sided opaque fabric, the acoustic drapes display stunning colours on both sides, which is great from a decorative point of view. But with their dual function of allowing reverb (open) and absorbing sound (closed), the curtains also cater to every artist’s sound preference and ultimately result in awe-inspiring performances. The flexibility of the curtains turns this chapel into an intimate concert venue, where every note can resonate beautifully.

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