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Sustainability Coordinator (aka Texologist)





Are you our Sustainability Coordinator (aka Texologist)?

Imagine spending your working days in a growing company that breathes creativity. One that goes all out to bring to life the artistic ideas of event & entertainment professionals worldwide. A dynamic company that is part of an international group but still feels like a family. And above all: one that has the ambition of being a trendsetter in the entertainment industry in terms of sustainability. Welcome to ShowTex Belgium!


You know those drapes that define a theatre? Or the scenic fabrics that create a mood on stage? That's what we do. Event decoration, dressing amusement parks, fabric reveal systems…? Yep, we’re known for that too.

As a global leader in inventing, developing and installing highly innovative, flame-retardant textiles and suspension systems, we spend our days tackling the most creative challenges in set building, stage and stand design. You can find ShowTex offices in Europe, the Middle East, North America, South Africa, Asia and Australia, but your home base, our head office is located in Burcht, near Antwerp.


Passionate about sustainability and eager to contribute to a positive behavioural change? Check! As our sustainability coordinator, you will lead all ongoing and new initiatives within ShowTex related to Environment, Health and Safety. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, of course. Ambitious targets? You are only too happy ticking them off.

Being truly convinced we need a more sustainable approach to both people and resources; you are eager to get all of your colleagues on board. Strong will and persuasiveness? Double check! Your clear communication and decisiveness flourish in every phase of your assignment, from the initial analysis to the development, implementation, follow-up and revision of the ShowTex sustainability policy.

Quite a few steps have already been taken towards a more sustainable business, but a dedicated professional like you undoubtedly knows how to further strengthen, expand and professionalise this solid basis. You analyse, report and develop plans, but more importantly, you inspire and guide your colleagues towards effective behavioural change.


To measure is to know, so you eagerly start out by mapping all the factors that influence the sustainability of an international company. A company's own infrastructure, R&D, purchasing, sales, production, logistics, marketing, stock... You name it. Your trust-based bond with our department managers is therefore essential.

You analyse and report, look for suitable partners and document while your plan of action takes shape. But it doesn't stop at planning. Because you know how to enthuse, coach and inform your colleagues to achieve an effective change in behaviour.

ShowTex also goes beyond the head office in Belgium. So, you maintain close contact with our offices worldwide to share good practices and implement similar initiatives where possible. How's your English?



As an expert in the field, your studies were closely related to the subject of sustainability. But you can also rely on some experience in a similar position and a high affinity with the topic. The UN Sustainable Development Goals? You know them by heart, of course.

Apart from your organisational talent and natural commercial flair, you always manage to produce clear and structured reports thanks to your excellent communication skills in Dutch and English. Even the importance of marketing is clear to you, because better than anyone else you know that sincere marketing content is essential in this journey.

Knowledge of the entertainment industry? It’s a plus but not a must.


Being a pioneer in many ways, it goes without saying you are the entrepreneurial type. A good communicator like you enjoys motivating and inspiring others to make more conscious choices. And when you hit a wall? Then you are the go-getter who keeps trying until the right approach is found.

As our Sustainability Coordinator, you are responsible for developing and achieving the sustainability objectives within ShowTex. Fortunately, you have the pragmatic and no-nonsense mindset required to achieve this. When do we meet?


ShowTex is more than just an ordinary company. We never say "impossible" and will always team up to find the best solution possible to just do it. This mindset has kept us at the top of a very competitive industry for over 40 years. And what about you?

  • You have a front-row seat in this unique story and will join a passionate team that makes ShowTex the industry reference every day.
  • Eventually, you will become the HQ sustainability expert who works together with dedicated colleagues all over the world to make ShowTex the industry reference in the field of sustainability.
  • Working close to home in the headquarters of a world leader? You don't get that opportunity every day. 
  • Your workplace is 'where the magic happens', so in addition to abstract thinking, you also have direct impact and visible results. When you take your friends or family to a theatre, concert, amusement park or museum, you will more than once say "Look, I worked on that".
  • There's no I in ShowTex. Besides creativity and innovation, we take teamwork very seriously. We always think about the best solution together and take immediate action.
  • Above all, stay yourself, because it spices things up! Discover the uniqueness and personal stories of the rest of your colleagues. Did you know that ShowTex employs 39 nationalities speaking 43 different languages? Diversity and inclusion are no buzzwords over here. They are an actual part of our DNA.


Send your resume and cover letter to jobs [at] and who knows, our somewhat quirky colleagues might welcome you to the team.


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