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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Si vous voulez de la lumière
Si vous voulez de la lumière
Si vous voulez de la lumière
Si vous voulez de la lumière

Theatrical time travel through projection fabrics

Montreal, Canada
ноябрь 2023

Theatre performance "Si vous voulez de la lumière” resonated with the audience for a long time thanks to projection and light effects on translucent stage fabrics.

Translucent foil: guiding spectators with visual precision

Set in the life of an oncologist, part of the play takes place in a hospital setting. How about using matte, translucent PVC to generate this unique atmosphere? By strategically positioning the frosted glass-like foil as dividers on stage, spectators are smoothly guided from reality to illusion.

Present in various atmospheres and scenes, the semi-transparent PVC serves as a multifunctional set piece. Through front and rear projection as well as strategic light diffusion, the matte film elevates the on-stage acting performances taking place both in front of the foil as well as behind it. Quickly, the translucent backdrop takes centre stage at the heart of the story's narrative.

Where the world of drama meets the realm of silk

Unable to find a cure for his love, the main character is slowly consumed by darkness. Here, black Satinac takes over, engulfing him during a dramatic monologue. This light, extra-large and silk-like textile is the perfect stage prop in this dramatic scene, as its lightness brings movement to the set while the deep black colour pulls off the desired theatrical effect.

Projecting through time and space

Executing a complex theatre production that takes spectators on a journey through time and space is quite a challenge. But what better way to do so than with high-quality light and projection effects on a mixture of fabrics? Combining a rear projection screen with masking drapes enabled the light designers to play with both the stage lights and projection, resulting in a multi-functional and dramatic set design.

And the décor is further enhanced by incorporating Voile, adding an extra impressive visual impact. When projecting onto the sheer fabric, a hazy effect emerges that perfectly illustrates the illusions in the story.

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