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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

See-through scrim mounted in a circular 3D structure
Printed display fabrics and moulding cloth museum decorations
Layered DropPaper and stand-alone aluminium profiles decorate museum

Display fabrics at Islamic Arts Biennale

Jeddah, KSA
июль 2023

This captivating art exhibition takes you on a mesmerizing museum journey filled with specialty display fabrics, both decorative and functional. Step into a world where art and set design merge seamlessly.

High-quality art prints on fabrics

Entrance with printed blackout fabrics

Already at the entrance of the exhibition site, visitors are greeted by eight high-quality prints of Arabic calligraphy on blackout fabric, towering at an impressive 11 meters in height. That’s only the start though, because a massive AluShape structure covered with more FR print fabric demands your attention as you enter. With mind-blowing exhibition designs ahead in every gallery, the eye-catching wall of moulding cloth is the perfect opener for the immersive journey to come.

Discover all ShowTex print fabrics

Dividing and masking exhibition spaces

Amidst all the works of art seeking your attention, BannerDrape adds a pleasant sense of serenity to the venue. With its recto-verso print effect, complemented by the perfect lighting, this translucent expo fabric is a true showstopper. Especially when used to cover a 40-meter-wide display wall of aluminium profiles. The temporary wall structure shimmering through the sheers adds a decorative yet functional touch.

Light-diffusing projection screens

Wondering how else you can structure and divide a giant temporary art venue like this into cosy galleries and display areas? Masking drapes to the rescue! A great way to mask off backstage areas, divide the exhibition space and guide visitors along curated pathways.

Custom frames and mesh fabric art displays

Combining display fabrics with made-to-measure frames is a great way to create centrepieces. They can even become part of the actual exhibition. Like the display boxes featuring hand-made carpets that are embedded into the custom frame, wrapped in white polyester. A bit further, two large circular profiles are furnished with black and white scrims to draw your attention to the “Kufi” tophat expo. This stunning setup of GobelinTulle is definitely one of the main visual focal points of the event.

The 3D effect of DropPaper

Have you ever seen a gallery adorned with 200 pieces of DropPaper? You can do so here. The all-white, paper-like material is arranged in various layers of different heights, creating a stunning layered backdrop. A clever way to immerse visitors in an unforgettable 3D experience.

Elastic projection materials mounted in a 3D structure

Projection screens in different shapes and sizes

During the museum visit, projection screens in various shapes and sizes transport you into a world of cinematic wonder. From curved projection screens to giant TV-like panels and room-surrounding light diffusers that submerge a space in colour.

But projection surfaces come in many more materials than just PVC screens. Enter StretchTulle. Used to cover a lightweight pyramid structure, this elastic mesh fabric allows for unique shapes and designs to come to life. Especially in combination with projection. Where to look first?!

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Download the Museum Portfolio and be inspired by the extraordinary possibilities of flame-retardant display fabrics.




Project by Islamic Arts Biennale – Diriyah Biennale Foundation
Production by: Black Engineering

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