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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Decorative sheers alongside the catwalk
Spinnaker ceiling decoration generates even light spread at fashion show
Blackout masking fabrics alongside the catwalk

Catwalk topped with sustainable ceiling fabrics

Copenhagen, Denmark
июль 2023

An event that invites clothing brands to come up with eco-friendly fashion alternatives calls for a venue dressed with sustainable event fabrics, right? Welcome to the Zalando Sustainability Awards at Copenhagen Fashion Week!

Light-diffusing ceiling cloth

In Copenhagen, Nikolaj Kunsthal is transformed from a museum hall into a real runway, using all kinds of event fabrics. Starting with the real eye-catcher: loosely draped Spinnaker ceiling covering, looking like a cloudy sky. And it turned out all the more versatile. Thanks to the fabric’s translucence, the sustainable material is perfect to combine with stage lights. By backlighting the fabric during the fashion event, the entire catwalk bathed in all kinds of ambient colours.

Blackout fabrics & decorative sheers

In addition to the lightweight ceiling cloth, white sheers are installed around the venue. The Voile CS drapes highlight the magical effect of the colourful lighting, immersing the room in mystical glows.

Around the runway, an extra-wide masking curtain of nearly 200 meters wide is lusciously draped behind the seated audience. The ecru-coloured drape adds a decorative touch to the scene, all while blocking out ambient light and unwanted distractions, such as cabling or the backstage area of the fashion event.

Eco-friendly event fabrics

At the end of the show, Tomorrow Denim was elected the winner of the Zalando Sustainability Award. If there had been an award for best choice in eco-friendly event decoration, the organisation itself would surely have won it. By using Spinnaker and Blackout Double event fabrics, they consciously chose ‘Eco by ShowTex’ materials. This label is appointed to all ShowTex fabrics that incorporate methods to reduce and recycle waste or lower the overall use of harmful chemicals.

On the lookout for an ecological fabric alternative for your upcoming project?

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