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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Golden stage backdrop on tour
String curtain backdrop on tour
Touring string curtain backdrop for music concert

Elegant string curtain backdrop on tour

Oslo, Norway
июнь 2023

When you make golden string curtains play with the spotlights on stage, you will see an intimate set design come to life.

Strategically layered string curtains

On the lookout for a stage set to take along on tour, Marion Ravn’s team cleverly opted for a string curtain backdrop. And how versatile and dazzling that turned out to be! The golden strings interacted beautifully with the lights above the stage, resulting in enchanting shimmers throughout the performance. An intimate stage set with a 70’s TV-show feeling to it.

By placing the various set pieces skirted behind one another, the décor instantly added more dynamics and depth to the stage. In addition, the strategically placed strips formed the singer’s name, which was a fun detail for those paying attention. Speaking of multi-layered scenography!

Touring-proof stage fabrics

Taking your show on tour always comes with quite some preparation. Your backdrop must fit any size of stage and the chosen textiles may not crease or be too heavy to transport. That’s why string curtains are the perfect fabric choice for touring. The lightweight chords are super supple, they don’t crease and are extremely easy to install and detach. Touring-proof fabrics as they should be!

On the lookout for stage decoration that’s versatile beyond belief?

Discover the versatility of string curtains

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