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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Custom-dyed Velours Zeus CS by ShowTex front curtain
Custom-dyed Velours Zeus CS by ShowTex front curtain
Acoustic Wool Serge Panne on OrientTrack by ShowTex in the Amare Rehearsal Studio
Acoustic Wool Serge Panne on OrientTrack by ShowTex in the Amare Rehearsal Room

Velvets and wool for multi-purpose spaces at Amare

The Hague, The Netherlands
март 2023

As the brand-new house for arts, education, events and culture in The Hague, Amare consists of concert halls, a theatre, rehearsal studios and event spaces. But the venue’s most special feature? Definitely its ability to transform any space in a flash, using decorative velvets and acoustic wool. 

Custom-coloured velvets 

When imagining a main curtain in a theatre, one usually thinks of red velvet. In terms of creative draping, a whole new world opens up when you enter the Amare theatre, as a custom-dyed brown front curtain with a golden piping pattern welcomes you in. A well-considered choice, since the golden lines on the fabric are inspired by the stunning design of the building’s façade. They also match the venue's seats perfectly and create a warm contrast thanks to the brown velvet. And it doesn’t stop there, because dyed drapes can be spotted everywhere, from decorative velvets in the ensemble room to custom-coloured Wool Serge in the concert hall and rehearsal spaces. 

Sound-absorbing wool 

Besides adding a decorative touch to the venues, Wool Serge Panne curtains also improve the acoustics of each space.

Whether installed as a sound-absorbing drape or hung in plain sight to decorate, all rooms benefit from the acoustic features of the durable wool.

From acoustic piano performances and dance rehearsals, to amplified music concerts or conferences, the drapes ensure a sound experience that is always on point! 

Made-to-measure curtain tracks 

Installing modular acoustic solutions goes way further than just hanging a few sound-absorbing drapes. For example, you also need reliable curtain tracks to mount them on. In comes OrientTrack, famous for being super smooth, silent and able to be custom-bent to match any venue’s needs. Depending on the required acoustics, the curtains can now open or close in one swift motion, while they instantly adjust the amount of sound reflection and absorption in the space. Variable room acoustics? Check! 

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Durable dance flooring 

What’s the finishing touch your dance hall requires when not one, but two famous dance companies practice there regularly? A durable dance floor of course! ShowTex opted for DanceCarpet Duo, which is a lightweight vinyl floor that can be used on both sides. The double-sided dance carpet is known for its durability and thus the perfect choice for Amare’s flooring needs. 

Behind-the-scenes essentials 

How will the team at Amare transport and store their fabric goods and vinyl? With ShowTex Canvas Hampers to transport the velvet and wool curtains and DanceCarpet Wagons to store and move the dance floors. There’s so much more to a permanent theatre installation than fabrics, floors and tracks. Storing and transporting your theatre fabrics in a correct way will make them last so much longer. 


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