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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Sheer stage fabrics by ShowTex at NYX in Canada
Voile by ShowTex at NYX in Canada
Scenography ft stage fabrics by ShowTex

Sheer stage fabrics at performance NYX

Québec City, Canada
март 2023

Four white Voile CS cloths of 60m high are strategically suspended off the ceiling above the Théâtre le Diamant stage. A set design that sounds rather modest, but the result? Breathtaking! 

Voile CS, minimal décor, maximum effect 

Take a journey through an elegant universe where sheer fabric lets circus, dance and visual arts meet. It's possible at the NYX show, that used four 60-meter-long strips of Voile CS dangling from the ceiling. By lighting the semi-transparent fabrics in different colours, the stage was submerged in a mesmerizing glow, highlighting the artists and the grace of their acts. 

Besides the decorative touch, the lightweight stage fabric also adds a little movement to the show. Literally, as the sheers softly swing back and forth when acrobats pass them during their performance. What a refined set design! 

Touring proof stage fabric 

Sheer fabrics are incredibly lightweight and therefore easy to carry. The flame-retardant textiles are foldable as well, meaning they remain wrinkle-free and are durable enough to take along on tour. In terms of stage design, can it get any better than this? 

Voile stands for elegance and softness. Let's add that touch of lightness to your next project. 

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Artists : Mathilde K.Richer, Catherine Beaudet, Megan Leigh Rennels, Laurie Bérubé, Leela Masuret, Andrea Ramirez-Falcon

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Johanne Madore
Compagnie Chimère
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