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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Printed textiles shape entrance for UAE National Day
Sheer fabric partitions for Majalis at UAE National Day
Projection screens dress up Majalis at UAE National Day
Printed fabrics shape entrance for UAE National Day
Printed event decorations at UAE National Day

Festive fabric tunnels and room partitions

Abu Dhabi, UAE
январь 2023

No UAE National Day ceremony without ShowTex textiles. For yet another year in a row, a huge amount of flame-retardant fabrics set the right mood during the official celebration event. Already at the entrance, visitors were welcomed through a striking tunnel made of multi-layered print fabrics and frames. Even the buggies had a dedicated entrance filled with layers and layers of UAE-themed prints. Such an elegant design!

Tunnels out of printed fabrics in frames

Back-to-back printed artworks featuring the UAE’s history could be spotted on banners of blackout fabric, carefully tensioned in aluminium frames to form arches. No ordinary arches though, as a stunning 3D-like image emerged by alternating the blackout material with lighting and prints on see-through sheers. Layer after layer, the whole setup resulted in an impressive 42 meters long entryway for the general public and a separate Leader's Entrance tunnel measuring no less than 110 meters long.

Translucent fabric partitions

Translucent sheer fabric is always a good idea for creating a stylish event location and thus perfect for decorating the Sheik’s and Sheikha’s Majlis. Using both printed and unprinted Voile CS as serene partitions, the large sitting areas could be transformed into relaxing and peaceful spaces. On top of that, a grandstand in the middle of each Majlis featured a free-standing aluminium structure with printed sheers and a projection screen displaying the UAE flag. Festive yet stylish.

Prints on sheer fabric around the venue

Even after the event, the site stayed open for anyone wanting to see the printed artworks, as they formed an impressive expo showcasing the history of the UAE. The combination of printed blackout fabric and see-through sheers ensured the exposition was surely one to remember.

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