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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Foggy glass effect on matte projection foil
Backlit matte stage fabric for opera Fidelio
Immersive projections on retro projection screen & matte stage fabric
Backlit matte foil as stage decorations for opera Fidelio

Projection on see-through stage fabric

Copenhagen, Denmark
ноябрь 2022

Placing a large LED screen behind a combination of frosted film and rear projection foil turned the opera performance Fidelio into an immersive projection spectacle.

Matte semi-transparent foil sets the tone

For Copenhagen Opera’s version of Beethoven's Fidelio, set designer Steffen Aarfing defined the stage with fabrics that find strength in their sobriety. A frosted foil, placed in front of a large LED screen defines the mood on stage with a marvellous play of light and shadow.

Backlighting the matte fabric mimics the look of a foggy window and creates stunning blurry images when the actors perform both behind and in front of the see-through PVC.

Immersive retro projections

Placing a rear projection screen in between the matte foil and the LED screen resulted in beautiful imagery on stage. As the retro projection screen blends subtly with the background, it doesn’t distract the viewers from watching the performers. But when needed, immersive projections definitely add to the show.

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