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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Backlit translucent fabrics define the mood on stage

Fontainebleau, France
август 2022

Division, falsehood, fear, friendship, love, hope. A clever combination of translucent stage fabrics and colourful spotlights sets the tone of this theatrical performance.

XL light diffusing stage fabric

In ‘There is a war’, the students of the Fontainebleau School of Acting explore the mad savagery of war under coloured atmospheric glows, provided by a backlit Spinnaker backdrop. As the actors perform both in front of and behind the lightweight cloth, the stylish backlit fabric turns the performance into a stirring play of light and shadow.

It’s the golden duo of textile and light. The even light spread of the translucent backdrop submerges the whole stage in either a desperate blue or a hopeful golden glow, supporting the narrative of the satirical comedy. Such a clever set design by French scenographer Hélène Helleu.

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Hélène Helleu