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10 minutes with Thomas Van Lokeren

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Starting up a new branch in the middle of a pandemic comes with quite some challenges. But nothing the ShowTex team couldn’t overcome! We talked to Thomas Van Lokeren, CEO of ShowTex USA & Canada about the challenges and opportunities, and how the team is doing today.

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Are the offices fully operational?

We currently have three offices in North America. There are two sales offices in the USA, one in New York and one in Los Angeles, responsible for all sales and project management. Our headquarters are located in Canada. This is a fully operational office, meaning it has an inventory, sales and project management, a sewing department, R&D, an installation team, a marketing team and an accounting department. It’s the office that will support our sales offices in their projects.

Which projects did ShowTex work on in America so far?

The USA is home to a multitude of amazing live shows mainly in Las Vegas and New York. Canada is home to creative minds working internationally like le Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory and so many more.

Although there was a pandemic going on when we set our first steps on the American market, we were able to work on some really nice projects so far.

For example, a bank reveal in Manhattan, where a line of Kabuki systems released an extra-large fabric to premiere the opening of this bank building.

Or in Las Vegas, where we worked together with famous magician Criss Angel. His latest show by Dragone featured no less than seven ShowTex HiSpeed Reveal systems. A spectacular show to watch, and we’re very happy to be involved from concept to realization.

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What are the most popular ShowTex products in Canada and the USA?

There are two groups of products that are often requested by our clients. First of all, ShowTex’ unique products: the reveal systems like Kabuki 30 and HiSpeed Reveal for spectacular reveals of buildings or performers on stage. But also our special effects materials like holographic projection scrims and mirror foils have mesmerized many spectators so far.

On the other hand, the more traditional fabrics like stage velvets and cyclorama cloths are very popular in the USA and Canada.

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Do you notice a difference between European and American needs?

It’s not so much about a difference in type of projects or product use, but more about the scale on which these projects are produced. In both the USA and Canada, they know how to party. The motto is ‘the bigger the better’. Although we have also worked on smaller projects like refurbishing school theatres and event venues as well, we get quite some requests for large-scale events. Luckily, we have an answer for those. I mean, of course, otherwise we wouldn’t be opening a branch in North America!

What does the future hold for team USA and Canada?

You know, we are ShowTex, and the sky is the limit. Right now, we’re making our first steps to the North American market, currently with three offices. But I think it’s no secret we want to develop our business even more in America. Canada and the USA are big regions with a lot of potential for both national and international collaborations.

Our ambition is to grow even more to be able to support and supply our local clients even better, even faster. So I think that in the next few years when we do this interview again, maybe we’ll talk about more offices spread over the USA and Canada. That’s our plan!

ShowTex is proud to add this continent to its world map. And how excited we are to work together with all these new clients around the globe.

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