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Acoustic Velours curtain in recording studio
Sound absorbing velvet in music production studio

Acoustic velours curtain at recording studio

Ternat, Belgium
май 2022

Instruments and vocals sound all the better since HaiFax Rehearsal Studio’s updated their rehearsing space with a colourful acoustic velvet drape.

Decorative sound-absorbing velvet

In performance spaces, sound-absorbing materials are key to limit the noise reflecting from the walls. Especially in a recording studio, good acoustics are make or break. That’s why Haifax optimized its music production space with sound-absorbing acoustic textiles that stand out.

One single velour curtain covering the wall of the studio was the finishing touch to fix the reverberation in the space. And it turned out to be more than just an acoustic solution. Thanks to its unique ochre colour, the drape adds a lively touch to the rehearsal room as well. Functional and decorative!

Step away from the traditional approach, and instantly add a decorative touch to your recording studio with acoustic fabrics.

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