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Bright yellow separation drapes generate multi-purpose room
White vinyl as photo studio flooring in multi-purpose room
Yellow partition curtains in creative maker space

Colourful separation drapes for the Muntpunt Library

Brussels, Belgium
февраль 2022

The Muntpunt library refurbished its fifth floor with bright yellow partition drapes to create a multi-purpose space that sparks creativity.

Colourful partition curtains

Turning a classic library into a stunning maker space? OUEST architecture made it look like child’s play using striking yellow partition curtains to divide the open space into multiple zones. From a co-working space to a painting class or yoga and relax zone, you name it. Up to 9 areas can be created without losing the open, airy feel of the building.

Apart from adding a decorative splash of colour to the space, the flame-retardant Spinnaker fabric is also safe to use in a public building like this. Mounting the drapes on a slick steel H100-rail even gives the multi-purpose room a modern industrial feel. Interior design on point!

White vinyl flooring

Another way to visually divide the area is by giving each zone its own unique flooring. The photo studio, for example, called for a minimalistic flooring solution like white DanceCarpet Jumbo to pull off that typical studio feel. Mission accomplished!

Unsure how to transform your office into a stunning multi-purpose space? Creative partitions are the way to go.

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