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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Satinac backdrop for l'Occasione Fa il Ladro
Austrian stage décor and highly reflective flooring for l'Occasione Fa il Ladro
Austrian curtain backdrop for l'Occasione Fa il Ladro
Showfloor golden stage flooring for l'Occasione Fa il Ladro

Glossy festoon for L’Occasione Fa il Ladro

Munich, Germany
январь 2022

A contemporary opera buffa demands a glamourous décor. Stylish Satinac drapes and glossy flooring did exactly that.

Glossy Austrian stage curtain

Theaterakademie August Everding gave Rossini’s opera “l'Occasione Fa il Lado” a contemporary twist with its remarkable set design. A box made from four satin curtains instantly adds an extra layer to the set. And a dynamic one as well, as the Austrian drapes move up and down to reveal props and set pieces that add to the storyline. When closed, the shiny Satinac festoon reflects all the spotlights beautifully. The result? A brilliant sea of colour on stage!

But most importantly, the fabric installation meets the German flame-retardancy standard (DIN 4102 – B1), meaning it complies with local fire safety rules and enabled the audience to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Glamourous glossy flooring

There can never be enough glam, right? That is why golden vinyl covered both the stage floor and the trusses of the theater. What a creative way to mask your installation! The highly reflective flooring adds yet another touch of glitter to the scene and is the icing on the cake for this comic love drama.

The right stage design completely immerses your audience in the performance. But it all starts with selecting the stage fabrics of your choice.

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