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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Afrikaans is big
Afrikaans is big
Afrikaans is big
Afrikaans is big
Afrikaans is big

Afrikaans is big

Pretoria & Cape Town, South Africa
May 2017

For one of South Africa’s biggest productions, ShowTex South Africa manufactured and installed an impressive set that was completely made out of custom-curved Print Frame Profiles and Universal 250 BB fabric. The black backing of this polyester fabric makes it ideal for front projection, while the bracing of the aluminium profiles is completely hidden. Some of the circular projection surfaces even had an impressive 9-meter diameter!

In addition to this, ShowTex provided large quantities of black Molton CS masking drapes and a double Kabuki 50 curtain drop system. The Voile CS sheer attached to it was finished with a DekoMolton bag, designed to hold the cloth in the roof space until it was revealed. The translucent reveal curtain was used as a fabric projection surface, until it made its dramatic fall during the second song.

But it didn’t stop there: as this spectacular show featured an onstage waterfall, a ClearScreen Crystal PVC curtain was needed to protect the LED panels from the moist. The curtain was attached to a ShowPipe rail and could be opened and closed when needed. The transparent drape acted as a water barrier for the LED screen while it still allowed the images to be seen by the audience.

Afrikaans Is Groot showcases the best musicians and artists of South Africa and takes place twice a year in Pretoria and Cape Town. 

Project credits

Afrikaans Is Groot
Coleske Artists