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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Shaped by the sea ft projections screens by ShowTex
Shaped by the sea ft stretch fabric partitions by ShowTex
Shaped by the sea ft printed mesh by ShowTex
Shaped by the sea ft projections screens by ShowTex

Separaciones textiles para definir el espacio expositivo

Sydney, Australia
marzo 2023

Whether you are looking to divide an exhibition area into intimate nooks, guide visitors along a predefined route or create eye-catching museum displays, fire-rated fabrics are perfect to temporarily change the layout of an exhibition area. And that’s exactly what the Australian National Maritime Museum was thinking for its expo Shaped by the Sea.

Curved divider of elastic mesh

All around the exhibition area, over 300 linear meters of see-through mesh clearly mark the way for visitors. The black StretchTulle is highly elastic and easily stretched into organic shapes thanks to the custom-curved frames it is mounted in. As soon as you enter the expo, you see the elegant mesh transform into a unique accent wall that swirls all through the venue. What a great way to trigger curiosity while keeping the airflow and open space feel intact!

Printed mesh fabric

But the venue design involves so much more than black mesh fabric. When you enter the exhibit on extinct sharks, you can't miss the many prints that guide you through it. Printing on a flame-retardant mesh fabric that is traditionally found on theatre stages only highlights its versatility. The artwork allows for a visually impressive museum display that blends right in with the rest of the expo design.

Immersive projection screens

Installing a curved projection screen is perfect to create an immersive viewing experience for museum visitors. The grey high-contrast screen used is specially designed to enhance contrast ratios, black levels and shadow detailing of projected images, making them appear more vibrant and realistic. From the moment you set foot inside the room, the concave projection screens create a truly immersive and engaging visual experience that makes you feel like you become part of the scene. A treat for the eye as well, with high-definition images that can be enjoyed from any possible angle, anywhere in the room!


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