Acoustic Baffle

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Acoustic Baffle

ShowTex Acoustic Baffles are ecological, acoustic panels.

The Acoustic Baffle from ShowTex proves ecology and noise level control can go hand in hand.
The new acoustic fabric panels are made from 100% recycled material compressed together to optimize sound conditions.

The Acoustic Baffle comes in 2 sizes and can be installed modularly for extra flexibility. By combining the two standard formats, nearly any height or area can be covered.

The Acoustic Baffle can be installed as a ceiling lining or around curves and corners. Custom formats and /or colours are available by request. The panels are finished off with Velcro for connecting together easily and can be used for temporary and fixed installations.

Colours Acoustic Baffle


Specifications Acoustic Baffle

Article code
8185 8000 3007
8185 8000 2007
140 cm
300 cm
200 cm
13.8 kg/panel
9.6 kg/panel
Flame retardancy standard: NFP-M3 * IMO * BS-2B

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