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GobelinTulle - scrim
GobelinTulle - scrim
GobelinTulle - scrim
GobelinTulle - scrim
GobelinTulle - scrim
GobelinTulle - scrim


Our Gobelintulle scrim allows you to play with light and open up a world of dreams and illusions in your show. The right light adjustments projected on this fabric can make your performers appear and disappear like magic. This classic theatre sharkstooth scrim can also be used as a projection surface, large speaker gauze or for exhibition stands.


Scrim will become opaque when lit at a sharp angle in front of a scene that’s kept dark. As the area behind the scrim gets lighter, the scene will “bleed through” and appear. When light is taken off the scrim, it will become virtually invisible.

Scrims both reflect and transmit light. When only front- or sidelit, a scrim will appear opaque if everything behind is unlit. A scrim will become almost transparent if a scene behind it is lit, but the scrim itself remains unlit. A combination of both lighting the scrim (or project images on it) and lighting the scene behind can create a foggy 3D scene. Using a double layers of scrims creates a “moiré” effect.

Mesh size: H 1.25 mm x W 2.5 mm.



Article codeWidthLengthWeight

3420 0450 #

450 cm

± 70 m

85 g/m²

3420 0640 #

640 cm

3420 0810 #

810 cm

3420 0950 #

950 cm

3420 1100 #

1100 cm

3420 1180 #

1180 cm

95% CO + 5% PES
Flame retardancy standard: 
NFP-M1 / BS-2B