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Björk Cornucopia - projection surface
Unconventional projection materials
Bisat Al Reeh - printed banners
Bisat Al Reeh
Printed DekoTaft display fabric
Chinese Valentine Show - projection voile
Chinese Valentine Show
Fabric projection surfaces
Cube Frame museum display
Art Gallery NSW
High-end museum displays
Sanlam Conference
Sanlam Conference
Fabric ceiling with strips of DropPaper
Merlin and Arthur - projection
Merlin e Arthur
Tulle Aymond Mini creates magic on stage
DekoTaft event fabric
Traditional drape with a modern twist
GiantMirror installation - performance with mirrors
A mystical effect with transparent GiantMirror foil
Automobile Barcelona - projections on AV Drop
Automobile Barcelona
AV Drop event decoration in action
Final Four Euroleague - projection
Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four
Circular scrim projections
Corporate Gala Tent
See-through tent cover
Silvana Imam on tour with satin stage drapes
Silvana Imam
On tour with glossy Satinac drapes

Recent Projects

From theatrical performances, operas and ballets to the most extravagant special events and effects, ShowTex drapes are at home in any kind of setting.

flame-retardant fabrics

Poppodium 013

Poppodium 013 entrusted the renewal of both the small and large venue hall to ShowTex.

World Air Games - projection screen

World Air Games

ShowTex installed a giant projection screen and a massive inflatable sphere for the World Air Games

hand-painted fabric - cyclorama

The Black Box Revelation

Using black light paint, ShowTex created a unique hand-painted cyclorama for the promo tour of The Black Box Revelation.

Fiëstas 2016 - stretch fabric

Fiëstas 2016

ShowTex South Africa showed through in every season during ‘Fiëstas 2016’, the South African Art award show, held at the State Theatre in Pretoria.


Hong Kong fashion week

ShowTex Hong Kong installs over 1300 m² of AV Drop in less than 20 hours.

The Mediocre Man - foil

The Mediocre Man

Strips of grey ShowTex ClearScreen Frost created an almost transparent scenery.

Vevo Halloween

5.000 music fans celebrated Halloween during “Vevo Halloween” at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse.

UABBHK Exhibition

A mesmerizing transparent mirror and projection screen setup for the 2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture. 

Du CEO Forum

Transforming the stage of the Dubai WTC into a massive layered projection surface for the 6th Du CEO Forum.

Brussels Expo

Palace 10 & Auditorium 2000 revamped into ready-to-use event venues.


ShowTex dominated the stage at the Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance (adaep).


Symphonica in Rosso

Paying much attention to the design of the show, the organisation trusted in our expertise to decorate the stage.