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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

No Limit Screen 6000

Modular, motorised, roll-up projection screen with front or rear projection foil for very large projections.



  • Available in sizes from 8 to 60 m wide.
  • 2 integrated tubular 220V motors.
    • fitted with 2 adjustable end-stops.
    • torque: 110 Nm.
    • rotation speed: 17 rpm
    • rising speed of the projection surface: +/- 10 cm/sec.
  • The black anodized extruded aluminum housing is fitted with longitudinal steel reinforcements that provide its great rigidity.
  • Tubular anti-bending system over the entire length.
  • Mounting brackets every 2 to 3 m with numerous possibilities to adjust the level.
  • Accessories for mounting under a pole (50 mm theatre bar or aluminum truss).
  • Radio remote control supplied as standard.
  • Most of our PVC fabrics can be fitted into this system.
  • The No Limit can be shipped in one piece up to a maximum of 12 metres wide, in a wooden box especially provided for this purpose.
  • If wider than 12 metres, it has to be assembled on-site by a team of specialised technicians.
  • The maximum size is 10 m high and 50 m long.
  • Options: DMX control / key switch / black borders & extra-drop / wall-mounting brackets / programming of multiple pre-defined stops