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Flexible Fire Curtains

Automatic ShowTex Flexible Fire Curtains to close openings in walls achieves the protection target of Integrity (classification E120). The unique glass fibre fabric Pro tex 1100 P is used to meet the demands of this classification. Maximum resistance of 120 min @ 1000° Celcius.

Side guides, with special rod design, are installed in the wall and increase the seal to prevent the transmission of smoke. The tight seal characteristic is confirmed by the test report UB III / B-01-055 of the MPA. The sealing direction of the system is from the top down.

The casing is attached to the wall to house the non combustible glass fibre fabric. Sealing to the floor is guaranteed by the use of the special bottom bar. The surfaces of the casing and all profiles are made of galvanised sheet steel.

The Flexible Fire Curtains have a motor-driven opening and close according to the principle of 'gravity-fail-safe' with a velocity of approximately 0.15m/s (230 V. Tubular motor) ShowTex Flexible Fire Curtains are always made to measure.

Article code: 8180 0000 1000