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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Flame Retardant Textiles

Looking for a flame retardant stage or event fabric, but not sure where to begin? Here you can find our full range of flame retardant textiles. Click on a group of products and use our handy selection tool to search for the fabric that meets your specific requirements.

Masking, blackout and acoustic fabrics are the ideal way to adjust acoustics and light in a theater or venue.

Light masking and blackout curtains partially or completely block atmospheric lighting to create a complete black box. The fabric’s ability to absorb light and remain truly black is key.
Our acoustic fabrics are designed to improve sound quality and reduce reverberation levels, but apart from absorbing sound, they also allow for an element of acoustic ‘tuning’ within a room.

Curtains can be custom dyed to any colour.

A colourful range of cotton, polyester, and mohair stage velvets, in a variety of weights and finishes. Manufactured into luxurious front curtains and valences, borders, legs, stage skirting and backdrops, they serve a decorative and a technical function on stage. ShowTex velour innovations include the Ultrablack velvet range and the collection of ecological Oeko-Tex 100 velvets.

The curtains can be embossed with logos and historical patterns and custom dyed to any colour.

Add colour & texture with our display & decorative fabrics and non wovens for temporary or permanent use.

Inexpensive and unique extra wide event fabrics for display backdrops, wall dividers, and attractive draping at any kind of corporate event. These fabrics offer flexibility for trade show stands, pipe and drape applications, and easy masking of large areas at temporary venues or performance locations.

Fabrics can be custom dyed to any colour.

Extra wide (semi-)transparent voiles, organzas, silks and taffetas for gorgeous draping.

Sheer, silk and satin fabrics add a look of luxury to event decoration, trade show stands, and performances. Whether used for laser projections, kaleidoscopic effects, light diffusion, or venue dressing, the end result is always stunning. Exclusively at ShowTex:  affordable and eco-friendly taffeta & satin, or extra wide DekoSilk!
Fabrics can be custom dyed to any colour.

From fringe curtains to fabric doorways, string curtains add texture and light.
These elegant curtains work as room dividers, projection surfaces, and trade show drapes. Create separate areas in your venue while letting light through, a feature wall for light effects or fabric chandeliers. Combined with light and movement, they create depth onstage and off.
String curtains can be custom dyed to any colour.

An innovation in three dimensional scenic sculpture.
Create natural backdrops, stage scenery and props in a fast and easy way by shaping this reusable and flexible molding cloth into an endless amount of fabulous textured forms. AluShape’s sturdy design can support most set pieces without any reinforcement or supporting structure.

Three dimensional shapes, stretch ceilings, and versatile truss cover solutions.
Our stretch fabrics are extra wide, flexible enough to create any 3D shape and even work as front or rear projection surfaces.
ShowTex flame retardant stretch fabrics are suitable for any event or performance and can be personalized with custom colours and prints.

Extra wide muslin, canvas and cyclorama cloths for studio and stage backdrops provide a reliable surface for even light distribution. Create a sky cyclorama, chromakey backdrops, or use for projecting images and lighting effects. Our range includes printable, paintable and inherently flame retardant cycs for a totally personalized look.

Scenic fabrics with a netted or gauze structure are the basis for spectacular light effects onstage. Scrims, nettings and gauzes can be used for theatrical backdrops, stretch ceilings in venues, light diffusers, and to stabilize cutouts in scenic cloths. Our Sharkstooth scrim is the traditional medium for disappearing/reappearing acts depending on front or back lighting.

Discover the latest in flame resistant accent curtains with a metallic or glitter feel for reflecting light or a prism of colour. From traditional gold lame to hi-tech woven-in gold and silver textiles and crushed metallic textures, this collection of glitter fabrics pumps up the shine and adds a shimmer and sparkle to backdrops, event curtains, or stage designs.