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بوكيلوب 2012

Hasselt, Belgium
أغسطس 2012

After the Pukkelpop festival was hit by a heavy storm in 2011, organizer Chokri Mahassine left nothing to chance and focused mainly on the optimization of safety and communication. Amongst other measures all emergency exits were marked by 21 inflatable light balloons by ShowTex.

Pukkelpop 2.0 mainly focused on safety and better communication. More fences were foreseen in front of the Main Stage, a large campsite was added, and the tents were inspected by three different external parties. There was an independent network of speakers installed around the festival site, marquees and information kiosks were clearly visible and the emergency exits were marked with illuminated balloons by ShowTex.

The idea to use the light balloons came from production manager Patrick Breugelmans. "The principle is simple and is often used in the film industry." adds Breugelmans. The Pukkelpop organization commissioned ShowTex to custom make 21 inflatable StageFlows with a diameter of 150 cm in white Spinnaker CS. The balloons were printed with the appropriate exit signs and illuminated from the inside to clearly indicate the emergency exits over the entire festival site.

The StageFlow system consists of a compact ventilator which can easily be mounted on a truss. Thanks to an integrated and DMX controllable RGB LED armature the inflatables can be illuminated from the inside in any desired color and multiple StageFlows can either be connected or individually operated.

The spheres of the StageFlow can have a diameter up to 200 cm and are made of ShowTex Spinnaker CS. Spinnaker CS is permanently flame retardant, semi-transparent and ensures excellent translucence. The ShowTex Stage Flow is available for hire and inflatable spheres be custom printed with your own design or logo.

The Pukkelpop festival site itself also underwent a transformation. The old trees were preventively cut down and replaced by 200 fresh, young trees. The festival site was brightened with 460 colorful flags, and the tents themselves were more colorful. One of the VIP tents was decorated with white Polystretch P5 from ShowTex with decorative holes in it. Even after cutting the fabric, Polystretch keeps its shape without tearing or fraying!

ShowTex supplied 1000 running meters of Ribcord for installing the 20.000 lights in The Boiler Room creating a very original and magical atmosphere. Ribcord is extremely strong and almost invisible. ShowTex SuperMirror was used for decorating the tent poles.

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Chokri Mahassine