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I-beam version of the UniTrack. Works with the same runners and pulleys.



  •  More durable than UniTrack and supports greater distances.
  • Beams come in 6 m lengths, so fewer connections are needed.
  • The solid aluminium extrusion guarantees a silent glide.
  • Combine with ChainTrack for multi-directional curtain movement.


Curved Track
Joiner Set
Hook Clamp 80kg
Flat Endstop
Ball Raced Runner
Ball Raced Runner
Rear Fold Runner
Ball Raced Master Carrier
Scenery Carrier 50kg
Scenery Carrier 100kg
Scenery Carrier 440kg
Scenery Hanger
Overlap Arm Set
Double Braided Rope
Head Pulley
Return Pulley
Head Pulley
Return Pulley
Weighted Return Pulley
Floor Fixed Return Pulley
Channel Nut M10
Curve Master Carrier
Curve Master Carrier
Curve Head Pulley
Curve Return Pulley
Curve Cord Guide
Hook Clamp 60kg
Offset Plate
Line Pickup
Overlap Clip

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